Updated POY Standings

Jeremy Dresch

As expected, Jeremy Dresch shot up to the top of the Minnesota Poker Magazine Player of the Year standings with his $36,000 victory in the Minnesota State Poker Tour event at Grand Casino Mille Lacs over the weekend.

Because we’re only seven weeks into 2010, the top of the leaderboard is loaded with players from the MSPT final table, which is to be expected — $1,000 buy-in events are worth more points than the smaller buy-in, weekly events.

It will be interesting to see how things shake out as we head into the spring and summer months.

For a full list of POY-eligible tournaments, click here.

NamePointsPOY Cashes
1Jeremy Dresch532
2Bill Sather42.51
3Bev Paulson401
4Everett Carlton37.51
5Ron Imgrud351
6Steve Buettner32.51
7Steve Vissett301
8Dan Dow28.53
9Andy Sjolund27.51
10Jody Cluever25.52
11Mark Dunbar251
12Nes Coburn213
Tom Burandt212
14Adam Dahlin201
15Geoff Hayes II19.54
16Yong Choi17.51
17Darren Childs173
Tyler Caspers173
19Jeff Havenor16.52
Scott Bullock16.52
21Robert Minor152
John Morgan152
Andy Tiegs151
Robert Dillon151
Jason Banfi151
26Jim Walsh13.52
27Ryan Moldestad133
David Mandt134
Todd Breyfogle132
30Lonny Krych12.51
31Bill Weber121
Brad Wheeler121
Leroy Martin122
Chris Dolan121
35Ken Gjerde113
36Richard “Fish” Gardner10.53
Andrew Khi10.51
Scott Maylin10.51
Paul Jorgensen10.51
40Kevin Marcotte101
Amir Tavanae102
Bryant Wencl101
George Amon102
Andrew Ufken101
Phil Mackey101
46Troy Huston91
Jessica Mcguire91
Tom Torgerson92
Al Ahmann93
Gordon Mohr91
51John Butenhoff82
David Ramirez82
Wally Goodrich82
Brad Mayer83
55Toan Pham7.51
Mark Hodge7.51
Gary Pihlstrom7.51
Dagoberto Oyarzabal7.51
Chris Napolitano7.51
Mark Fucile7.53
Tim Votava7.53
Todd Larson7.51

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