POY Standings Update

Joe Matheson (left) and Everett Carlton

With Canterbury’s State Poker Championship coming up this weekend, followed by the Minnesota State Poker Tour event at Northern Lights Casino in three weeks, there are plenty of Player of the Year points up for grabs.

Not to mention, current leader Everett Carlton will be playing in Las Vegas for much of the next two months, allowing players the chance to close the gap.

Here are the updated standings:

NameTotal POY    Cashes
1Everett Carlton1439
2Tom Burandt787
3John Alexander71.55
4Joe Matheson67.51
5Mario Hudson651
6Bruce Vang602
Darren Hendrickson601
8Dan Dow575
9Scott Heiligman55.55
10Tony Moses551
11Jeremy Dresch532
12Brian Schallhammer52.51
13Kuong Yek501
14Chris Dolan494
15Matt Leshovsky47.51
16Ron Imgrund465
17Jason Banfi452
Peter Baker451
19Bill Sather42.51
Doug Fink42.51
21Bev Paulson401
Tyree Johnson401
23Steve Bissett352
24Toan Pham34.54
25Steve Buettner32.51
Jesse Knoblach32.51
27Kevin Marcotte323
28Chad Lashinski301
29Tyler Caspers296
30Darren Ficek28.57
Leon Sells28.52
32Andy Sjolund27.51
Tony Hartmann27.51
34Zachary Weiler271
35Jody Cluever25.52
Geoff Hayes II25.56
Mark Hodge25.54
38Mark Dunbar251
John Wilhelmy251
Dave Danielson256
David Ramirez256
42Bob Spizman24.53
Ken Gjerde24.55
44Thomas Hammers241
John Hooper246
Dan Stewart244
Bill Weber243
48Amir Tavanae23.54
49Tuong Dao22.52
50Nes Coburn213
Leroy Martin213
Max Stephans211
Jessica Mcguire215

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