Recap: Minnesota State Poker Championship

Minnesota State Poker Championship Tournament Updates

11:55 – UPDATE: It’s over. Swanberg wins.

Swanberg first built his stack back up by doubling through Nytes, 99 vs. 22 on a 5, 4, 3 flop. After that hand, Swanberg had 1.3 million chips, while Nytes and Webb had 400k each.

A couple hands later, Nytes moved all in with 33 in the small blind and Webb called with A10. The board brought no help and Webb — who one held a massive chip lead — was down to his last 100k. He would bust shortly after, leaving Nytes and Swanberg to battle heads up.

Heading into heads-up play, Swanberg had 1.4 million to Nytes’ 900k. He took 400k off Nytes after making a huge call on the river with K7 on a AKQxx board. On the next hand, Swanberg pushed all in with QJ and Nytes called off his stack with A6. The river brought a J, shipping $45,394 and the State Poker Championship title to Swanberg.

11:08 – UPDATE: After some back and forth action for several minutes, we finally had a massive 1.4 million chip pot. With the blinds at 15/30k, David Webb raised to 100k from the small blind. Ryan Swanberg moved all in from the big blind for 1.1 million. Webb snap called with AJ, and Swanberg flipped over A8. The board ran clean for Webb, who doubled up to 1.4 million on the hand. Swanberg fell to 400k.

Two hands later, Webb and Nytes saw a 7,6,3 flop in a limped pot. Nytes bet, Webb raised, and Nytes shoved all in for 350k total. Webb called, turning over 9-7. Nytes showed 44.

The turn came a 5, giving Nytes a straight.

Chip counts:
Webb – 1.05 million
Nytes – 700k
Swanberg – 450k

10:35 – UPDATE: David Webb continues to roll. He just busted David Jones to scoop a 700k pot, with 99 against Jones’ 77, all in preflop. Webb now has over one million chips. 1.1 million, approximately.

Ryan Swanberg has 500k, and James Nytes has 450k.

Last two eliminations:

4th – $12,379 – David Jones

5th – $8,253 – Wayne Martinson

10:15 – UPDATE: Last few eliminations:

6th – $6,877 –  Charles Costanzo

7th – $5,502 – Gary Loeffler

8th – $4,126 – Matt Kirby

9th – $2,751 – Jeff Henkel

David Webb is the chip leader with approximately 800k, and Ryan Swanberg has about 600k.

10:04 – UPDATE: Jeff Henkel just went from second in chips to busto in the first 10 minutes of the final table, courtesy of David Webb.

Web first won a massive pot off Henkel. Webb flopped a set of 4’s on an 8-high board, and Henkel tried making a move with QJ. Henkel dropped to 200k, and Webb jumped up over 400k.

Two hands later, Henkel ran KK into Webb’s AA to bust.

– On the very next hand, Webb knocked out Matt Kirby in 8th with AQ vs. A10, all in preflop. Webb now has over 600k of the 2.1 million chips in play.

– Shortly after that, Gary Loeffler’s 44 and short stack were eliminated by Ryan Swanberg’s AK when a K hit on the turn. We’re down to six, just like that. Swanberg and Webb each have about 600k.

9:54 – UPDATE: Final table chip counts (by seat):

1. David Jones, 160k
2. Charles Costanzo, 110k
3. Wayne Martinson, 260k
4. David Webb, 200k
5. Gary Loeffler, 80k
6. Matt Kirby, 200k
7. Jeff Henkel, 400k
8. Ryan Swanberg, 530k
9. James Nytes, 140k

9:41 – UPDATE:
3-Putts has been eliminated in 11th place. ‘Putts shoved 125k in late position, with blinds at 8/16k, and was called by A10c. The turn brought a club flush, and ‘Putts hit the rail.

We are now down to the final table.

Last five out:

10th – $1,375 –  Dennis Stevermer

11th – $1,375 – 3 Putts

12th – $1,375 – Jeremy Dresch

13th – $1,375 – Mike Reich

14th – $1,375 – Paul Cross

9:25 – UPDATE: The two most well-known players remaining in the tournament continue to collide. Jeremy Dresch shoved his final 91k all in preflop, and 3-Putts called off his final 57k. Dresch turned over KJ, and ‘Putts turned over A10. The board ran out clean for ‘Putts, who doubled up over 100k. Dresch is on life support once again.

On the next hand, 3-Putts open raised, but a player behind him moved all in over the top. ‘Putts folded, and now sits with just over 90k.

Dresch was eliminated in 12th place a short while later by Matt Kirby.

9:04 – UPDATE: Jeremy Dresch, who hit a five-outer last level to stay alive, just eliminated Paul Cross’s Q10 with JJ, all in preflop. Dresch chipped up to approximately 200,000 chips, with blinds at 6k/12k.

Two hands later, Dresch lost 70k to go back down to roughly 130k.

8:50 – UPDATE: Last four out:

15th – $1,375 – Blake Bohn

16th – $1,375 – Quon Tran

17th – $1,375 – Tom Wessling

18th – $1,375 – Jeff Havenor

8:40 – UPDATE: 15 Players remain.  1st place pays $45,394.  10th – 18th is $1,375.  The current chip leader is Matt Kirby from Bemidji with roughly $270,000 of $2.1 million in play.  2nd in chips is James Nytes with $245,000.  About 10 minutes ago, Jeremy Dresch shoved a short stack from the button with A5, 3-Putts called from the small blind with pocket 8s.  Dresch rivered an Ace to stay alive, 3-Putts is crippled.

Minnesota Poker Magazine is at Canterbury Park today covering the Minnesota State Poker Championship. $1,100 buy-in, 143 players entered today, 34 remain.

Among those still standing are Jeremy Dresch, 3 Putts and John Alexander.  Keep checking back as we will post more photos and updates as we get closer to the money.

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  1. Alyssa Backus Says:

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