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Random Thought 2.0

Is it simply human nature that helps clarify the way poker players deal with wins and losses, or is there something more sociopathic about a gambler’s temperament? Consider the post-session conversation for both a win and a loss: WIN: “How’d poker go today?” “Oh, great!  I was mixing up my play really well, and reading […]

Doubles Poker

My cable was installed three months ago, but because I’m an idiot, I only recently discovered that my package includes Game Show Network!  I ‘d been bemoaning my bad fortune, not being able to watch High Stakes Poker.  But lo and behold, while perusing through the stations, I was thrilled to find GSN clearly broadcasting […]

David Abramowicz wins Twin Cities Poker Open

Abramowicz outlasts Sjolund, Sandness to win 2010 Twin Cities Poker Open David Abramowicz took down the 2010 Twin Cities Poker Open at Canterbury Park and $40,673, outlasting two of the top tournament players in Minnesota — Andy Sjolund and Mark Sandness. Ironically, Abramowicz was down to his last two outs with two tables remaining, when […]

Noteworthy Hand 3.0

The game is 15-30 limit hold’em.  I had just sat down, and uneventfully posted my blinds.  I’m then dealt K-10 of hearts on the button.  There is one middle position caller, a player I know to be quite solid.  Even so, I think raising in this spot a majority of the time has value, so […]

WSOP Circuit Results: Minnesotans cashing

The World Series of Poker Circuit event in Council Bluffs, Iowa is currently underway, and a handful of Minnesotans have made deep runs in preliminary events: August 22 – $235 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em – 108 entrants 2. William Maxwell, Austin, MN – $3,718 August 24 – $345 No-Limit Hold’em – 208 entrants 3. Dave Rutledge, […]

The Situation: Dealer, I Saw All Their Cards

I was playing in a live tournament recently when this situation sparked some debate.  I felt it was a pretty standard ruling but the argument got fairly heated at the table.  We were playing 10 handed, I happened to be sitting in the 1 seat and was in the small blind, thus received my cards […]

Buchite Takes Advantage of Free Poker

Jim Buchite from the 50 Lakes Bar & Grill in Fifty Lakes, MN had a heck of a run at this years World Series of Poker.  Jim was one of the six Minnesota Poker League winners back in May at Shooting Star Casino that all won a $1,000 WSOP buy-in to event number 54, airfare, […]

The Complaint Ratio

As I’ve stated numerous times, the game of poker is filled with people who think the sun shines only for them.  Each win and loss is the single most important event of the moment, and to hell with the rest of you!  (Of course, everybody thinks of themselves first while playing poker.  The conflict arrises when […]

Twin Cities Poker Open This Weekend

The Twin Cities Poker Open at Canterbury Park takes place this week, August 25-29.  The $1,000 + $100 Main Event takes place Sunday the 29th.  Players will start with $15,000 in chips and have 40 minute levels.   As usual, there will be five qualifying heats starting Wednesday at $220 + $30 where the top 20% […]

The Old Guy’s Still Got It

There are few professional poker players I enjoy watching succeed more than Doyle Brunson.  In addition to clearly being one of the old-school legends of the pastime, I recently completed his autobiography, and was blown away at what a fascinating and entertaining life this man has led.  And considering the poker arena has recently been […]