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Greg Giraldo

I’m afraid this post has little, if anything, to do with poker.  I’m simply a little sad today.  Greg Giraldo, one of my all-time favorite comedians, died.  I will say, I did listen to Giraldo’s stand-up routines, downloaded onto my ipod, while at the poker table.  His comedy kept me from going on mega-tilt, as […]

The Lifestyle of Limit 2.0

The most frequent complaint about limit hold’em, it seems to me, is the fact that nobody ever seems to fold.  A flop is generally seen by three or more players, and bad hands find a way to win far too often. Really, the problem is not that your opponents play too many hands.  The problem, […]

Let The Games Begin!

This is often the month where new stars are born in MN poker.  This is Minnesota’s World Series of Poker.  For the next 4 weeks you can find a tournament….or two….or three, every day. The Midwest Poker Classic at Running Aces kick starts the action on Friday, October 1st.  Aces will be hosting two or […]

Noteworthy Hand 6.0

I went back on forth on this post, contemplating whether or not to include it in the Noteworthy Hand or Lifestyle of Limit series.  I ultimately settled on Noteworthy Hand, but I will say this:  There is no way this hand would ever have unfolded as it did if the game were no-limit hold’em.  Every […]

Matt “Magic” Leshovsky wins Grand Series Main Event

Matt “Magic” Leshovsky — winner of the 2009 Midwest Poker Classic $1K Main Event at Running Aces — took down the September Grand Series $1K Main Event on Sunday at Grand Casino Mille Lacs. Leshovsky outlasted a field of 54 to take home $20,928. Since October, 2009, Leshovsky has more than $70,000 in live tournament […]

The Lifestyle of Limit 1.0

Limit hold’em is my game of choice.  Sure, I play some no-limit cash games, a handful of tournaments, and the occasional awkward fumbling through a PLO session.  But my real bread and butter is at the limit hold’em table.  I have a good grasp on limit strategy, but as crucial to my success is my […]

A Loss is a Loss is a Loss

Is it more soul-crushing to be beaten by A-Q suited or 10-4 off-suit? Sure, the easy answer is the 10-4.  But why? There’s something about dreadful hands repeatedly bludgeoning you over the head.  Emotionally, a swift strike to your brain with the J-3 seems far more painful than the blow with Q-Q. Really, though, does […]

Its About Time!

That’s right!  Finally someone started a Bag Toss League!  Obviously MNPokerMag.com focuses on poker but this hits too close to home to not discuss.  I love this game. Pretty sure my brother and I would dominate this league…cause we both have some serious bag toss skills.  Now that I think about it, we should bring […]

Mark Dunbar Wins HPT Colorado and $182K

* Look for a more comprehensive write-up in the upcoming October 1 issue of Minnesota Poker Magazine 11:20 Update:  Mark Dunbar wins HPT  – Colorado and $182,000! 11:15 Update: Play is now heads up.  D-Mark began heads up play at a 2-1 chip disadvantage but is now leading.  His opponent is John Beauprez who’s linked […]

Noteworthy Hand 5.0

I don’t think I need to espouse the importance of table image.  When your opponents know you play a certain way, of course, it becomes much easier for them to be successful.  Duh, right? Well, as sophisticated players know, this image can be used to your advantage.  If everybody thinks you’re playing conservatively, it becomes […]