Random Thought 3.0

I have a lot of poker table annoyances.  This is no secret.  But few things drive me more insane than the man who continually acts before it’s his turn to… act.

Everybody plays out of turn from time to time.  The occasional misstep does not bother me in the least.  No, my irritation stems from the player who folds his cards pre-flop whenever he feels like it, hand after hand after hand.  It makes no difference who’s turn it is, he wants to get rid of his cards.

Of course, even these mistakes could be forgivable.  Perhaps he has a vision problem, or OCD.  To compound an already irksome behavior, however, why does this player always, without exception, blame his pre-mature muck on the player to his right?  “I couldn’t see his cards!” or, “He has his hand tucked behind his chips!”

Everybody else at the table knew that man had a hand.  We all waited our turn.  Furthermore, you could not possibly have made the same mistake twelve times in the last hour.  You screwed up, and you continue to do so, because you’re not willing to take two seconds and a half a percent worth of vision effort to notice your position among many.  It screws up the game, and it is, despite your accusations, all your fault.  Slow down.  An admission of guilt, and subsequent problem correction goes a long way.  Don’t blame your laziness on your table brethren.

One Response to “Random Thought 3.0”

  1. Col. Chicken Says:

    So why is the guy even looking at his cards before it’s his turn to act? Me, I’d think his looking and not folding immediately would be a pretty good tell.