Yen Phann wins MPC $200 NLH

Oct. 5, Tues. 3 PM, $200 NLH

Yen Phann outlasted a 72 player field to capture the MPC $200 NLH title on Tuesday.  Phann made $4,020 in the process.

Todd Melander who was featured in an MN Poker Mag blog earlier that day for winning two local tournaments during the month of September added another deep run to his resume by finishing 4th for $1,579.

2 Putts collected his 2nd cash so far during the MPC.

1) Yen Phann – $4,020
2) Tiger Lee – $2,728
3) Shawn Nelson – $2,010
4) Todd Melander – $1,579
5) Robby Westrom – $1,148
6) 2 Putts – $861
7) Sara Allgood – $718
8) Dane Schmidt – $574
9) Alicia Spencer- $431
10) Darren Hendrickson – $287

3 Responses to “Yen Phann wins MPC $200 NLH”

  1. 2Putts Says:

    WOW. Awsome, Mr. Meyaki. Wax-in wax-out, Danielsonhh. 🙂


  2. John Says:

    Damn you 2putts, U. Can I have your brain bro.?? How come you can read so good, what your opponent’s hand is. I rarely see your hands when you decided to play against your opponent there at our table couple of nights ago.

    I’m pretty sure you can kick anyone’s ass. I mean anybodies.!


    John K.

  3. 2Putts Says:

    No, not everyone’s and I’ve to be honest with John that I’m still learning from the pro here locally. There are a lots of great players out there you know that I’m admiring,respecting the most. All I have to do is trying to win each tourney at the time.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll get there eventually, as long as I keep trying to “PLAY SMART POKER” whenever I’ve time.


    2Putts 🙂