MSPT Hinckley Day 2: Weather looks good here

Day 1 at MSPT Hinckley turned out very successful and will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the week.  Over 100 players showed up to enter the freeroll, as you can see in the photo the satellites were hoppin, the $2-$60 spread game went until 2:00 in the morning…all on a Tuesday. 

I took a big pot of PMac in the $2-$60 spread game when my Kings were greater than his Aces.  We got it all-in preflop, the king in the window was glorious!  A gentlemen between us wisely folded his jacks.  Sorry PMac….but not really.

The weather shouldn’t slow us down today.  Not sure how it looks in the cities but everything looks pretty clear here so far.  Plus it sounds like MNDot is better prepared this time to salt the roads.  And its all highway to Hinckley.

So come on up, should be another fun night!  Just about to kick off a satellite here now, I’m playin so gotta run.  Freeroll at 5:30 again tonight, giving away 3 more $250 seats.  A $250 multi-table qualifier at 7:00 as well, top 20% advance to the $100K Guaranteed Main Event.

Let’s rock!

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