Still hot: Jason Senti wins MSPT Canterbury, $38K

Apparently the World Series of Poker Final Table was just a tune-up.

Or something like that.

Jason Senti — who earned national recognition for his 7th-place finish in the WSOP Main Event last month ($1.3 million) — outlasted Drew Johnson in a two-hour heads-up battle to take down the Minnesota State Poker Tour Canterbury event on Monday night.

Senti walked away with $38,540.

“Honestly, I’m really, really happy to win this event,” Senti said. “It’s the first time I’ve played locally here since I even made the November Nine, so quite a while.”

Since his WSOP run, Senti and his wife purchased a new house in Eagen, MN, and he continues to play online poker whenever possible.

“Actually, I’ve been running kind of mediocre at cash games,” Senti said. “Not that I expect anybody to feel bad for me. But it looks like I’m still running red hot in tournaments.”
Final Results:
MSPT Canterbury – December 12-13
$1,100 buy-in – 137 entrants

1 Jason Senti $38,540
2 Drew Johnson $19,003
3 Dave Jeno $11,960
4 Chinh Quatch $9,302
5 Brad Feldman $7,973
6 Todd Melander $5,980
7 Leo Fussy $5,183
8 Brian Ward $4,518
9 Bill Criego $3,721
10 Mario Hudson $3,056
11 Kuo Vang $2,658
12 Shawn Johnson $2,326
13 Mark Fink $1,993
14 Mitchell Ackerman $1,661
15 Mike Lovelace $1,462
16 “2-Putts” $1,329
17 Robert Regal $1,329
18 Kyle Longtin $1,329
19 Mark Wadekamper $1,196
20 Mike Luikens $1,196
21 Darren Hendrickson $1,196
22 Dave Delaney $1,063
23 Jordy Christian $1,063
24 Tara Dunn $1,063
25 Peter Hasenmueller $930
26 Tom Sadowski $930
27 James Huynh $930

6 Responses to “Still hot: Jason Senti wins MSPT Canterbury, $38K”

  1. Bruno Gunn Says:

    It is way cool to see Jason come back here and play. I can’t wait to play a table with guys like Bill Criego and see what they say about playing with Jason. We are all just one heater away from playing with the big boys for huge cash.

  2. 2Putts Says:

    Once again congrats, JS. You’re cool and a greatest skills poker player that I’ve ever met and talked too.


    2Putts 😉

  3. 2Putts Says:

    Nice run there, Todd. Great came back, you and I were pretty short there in the early stages.

    Great skills played!


  4. Brian Ward Says:

    Bruno, I sat next to Jason for some time at the Tournament. He is a class act and a genuine nice guy.

  5. Michael Says:

    Any old fool can make the final table at the WSOP. But to brave the Minnesota roads to come out and compete against seasoned Minnesota poker players at the MSPT Canterbury event – And come out on top – now THAT shows that he’s really a player! Congrats, Jason!

  6. Bryan Mileski Says:

    It was fun watching Jason play. And also, Drew Johnson played awesome too. He definitely gave Senti a run. Great battle, back and forth.