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Player of the Year Update

Action definitely heated up during this past week among the Player of the Year leaders.  Dave Mandt scored a victory in the Spring Poker Classic Main Event which was also his 2nd final table in a $1,000 event in 2 months.  Typically that would be enough to have him well on top of the POY leaderboard except that Jason Seitz final tabled the same two events and won the MSPT – Running Aces.  Seitz also won a SPC preliminary event.

Kye Longtin and Peixin Liu continue to lead the state in the number of cashes at 6.  Longtin won a SPC preliminary event for his 6th.  3 Putts has been climbing the board as of late too and has recorded 5 cashes.

RankPlayerPOY Points# of POY Cashes
1Jason Seitz92.53
2Dave Mandt77.52
3Jeremy Dresch651
4Dan Shogren633
5Matt Hyland62.52
 Joe Matheson62.51
6Hank Mlekoday601
7Bob Beedle57.51
8Sam Desilva551
9Ken Cary47.53
 Tim Mieczkowski47.51
10Rob WazWaz451
 3 Putts [photo]455
11Jim Erickson42.51
12Mat Hart37.51
13Kye Longtin366
14Matt Christensen351
15Dan Serie343
16Toan Pham33.54
17Jay Philips322
18Curt Freese27.51
19John Alexander26.54
20Rocky Wylie251
21LeRoy Martin243
 Peixin Liu246
22Nate Fair23.52
23Reg Powell234
24Marc Schulte22.51
 Michael Tester22.51
 John Adams22.52
25Jordan Meltzer223
26Gary Pihlstrom21.55
27Leo Fussy213
28Christopher Schrom201
 Erick Wright201
 Paul Pederson204
29John Morgan19.53
30Michael Luikens193
31Thomas Sharp18.52
32Al Giardina17.51
 Derek McMaster17.51
33Kyle Gruis16.52
 Greg Huset16.52
34Chris Johnson163
35Dan Hendrickson15.53
36Ryan Pham151
 David Westrum151
 Saeed Ghasemimehr151
 David Ramirez154
 Mark Sandness152
 David Yarusso152
 Edward Janezich151
 Jerry Livingston152

Bar League Standings

Minnesota Poker League  
Sin City Showdown Winter Session Leaders as of 3/29/11 
 Player Points
1David Wilts 3,443
2Terri Fulton 2,415
3Rick Stafki 2,411
4John Rottman 2,406
5Jennifer Wilson 2,089
6Steve Muench 2,071
7Jolene Hasselfeldt 2,068
8Derrick Thele 1,877
9Peter Konig 1,872
10Joel Smith 1,774
Chippy Poker League  
2011 Season 1 standings as of 3/29/11  
 Player Points
1Nick Janowiec 474
2Michael O’Kelly 452
3Jim Reynolds 376
4Troy Andren 359
5Cathy Olin 354
6Jerry Scharlemann 353
7Derek Hellerstedt 333
8Josh “Jay Jay” Schneder 319
9Shelly Peterson 309
10Kory Schmidt 298
WPT – Amateur Poker League  
Southern MN 2011 Regional Leaderboard as of 3/29/11 
 Player Points
1Bob Watson 3,293
2Rachel Korkki 2,675
3Timothy Smith 2,588
4Steven Banker 2,427
5Laurel Bahn 2,426
6Jill Banker 2,405
7Al Dougherty 2,377
8Anthony Lorinser 1,927
9James Zumwalt 1,803
10Tom Lacrosse 1,772
Straight Flush Poker Tour  
Spring Sprint 2011 Leaders as of 3/29/11  
1Ivan Sisto31,785
2Marvin Keen 11,273
3Mike Beberg11,241
4Antonio Harper11,048
5Michelle Schmidt1,038
6Irene Goldberg1,021
7Terri Loud1957
8Kathy Caron942
9Dave Fadness3864
10Greg Wiley1833
Little Poker League  
Season: 17 “Harley SuperLow-2” as of 3/29/11  
1Jason Shirk2640
2Mike Wang3605
3Sheila Lindell1545
4Brian Caron1475
5Jamie Nephew3465
6Joey Hegg445
7Rollie Bjornstad2440
8Michael Lindell1430
9Felipe Ramirez1425
10Jim White1400

David Mandt wins Spring Poker Classic Main Event

This last week for the first time Running Aces ran their Spring Poker Classic which consisted of a series of events from Wednesday thru Saturday and concluded with the $1,100, 2-day Main Event that began Saturday evening.

The Main Event drew 109 entrants (including rebuys).

On Sunday night the pot was eventually chopped 4-ways with your chip leader and winner being David Mandt.  This is Mandt’s first win in an $1,100 major  tournament though he has been in the mix and final tabled many times in large tourneys, including a recent MSPT Final Table in February, also at Running Aces.

Mandt also received the Running Aces Movado watch.  Congrats!!

MSPT – Running Aces Champion Jason Seitz was also seen deep again.  He finished 5th in the SPC Main Event for $8K and also won a Spring Poker Classic event earlier in the week. 

Spring Poker Classic, Running Aces – Main Event $1,100 buy-in
1David Mandt$29,604
2Marc Schulte$20,089
3Christopher Schrom$14,802
4Thomas Sharp$11,630
5Jason Seitz$8,458
6Toan Pham$6,344
7Tou Yang$5,287
8Kelly Fuller$4,229
9Daniel Stewart$3,172
10Gary Pihlstrom$2,115

Billionaire Steve Wynn Makes Big Online Poker Bet With PokerStars

By Nathan Vardi (The Jungle)

In a dramatic move that will forever change the online poker landscape, billionaire Steve Wynn has announced he is joining up with PokerStars, the world’s biggest online gaming company, to establish a strategic relationship that aims to regulate online poker in the U.S.

“We are convinced that the lack of regulation of Internet gaming within the US must change,” said Wynn, chief executive of Las Vegas casino company Wynn Resorts, in a statement. “We must recognize that this activity is occurring and that law enforcement does not have the tools to stop it.”

PokerStars and Wynn Resorts plan to work together to secure the passage of federal legislation that will regulate online poker in the U.S. with an eye toward setting up a joint venture,, that will offer for-money online poker play in the U.S.

For the last few years, PokerStars, based in the Isle of Man, has dominated the U.S. market, building a hugely profitable business while operating in the shadow of the law. The U.S. Justice Department has for years taken the position that facilitating for-money online poker violates U.S. law, making no distinction between sports betting—clearly illegal— and poker play. But PokerStars says it has received legal opinions from several U.S law firms stating it is not violating U.S. law and the feds have never challenged this position.

PokerStars is run by Isai Scheinberg, a former IBM programmer, and his son Mark Scheinberg, although the company hired a chief executive in recent months. “We have long supported the enactment of local regulatory regimes that protect consumers and provide valuable tax revenues and jobs,” Mark Scheinberg said in a statement. “PokerStars is closely regulated in many European countries and it has been endorsing the adoption of the same approach in the United States for years.”

Late last year the online poker industry almost managed to squeeze through legislation that would have regulated online poker in the U.S. after the casino companies in Las Vegas decided to back the effort, tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching companies like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker earn hundreds of millions of dollars annually from the large U.S. market. The effort, however, could not overcome opposition from some powerful Republican lawmakers.

Now, Wynn has decided to boldly attach his name and credibility to online poker in return for securing an association with the leading online poker brand. By inking this deal, PokerStars is not only getting a powerful ally, it is also making a preemptive end-run around efforts from lawmakers or business interests to exclude offshore online poker companies that have operated in the U.S. in recent years from any regulated U.S. marketplace.

Still, Wynn is entering into a deal with a company that has played a massive cat-and-mouse game with federal law enforcement. Unwilling to confront the actual online poker companies in court, the Justice Department has tried instead to cut off the financial lifeline of the online poker business by going after the financial firms that process the industry’s payments.

In the summer of 2008, for example, the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan froze some $34 million owed to poker players from PokerStars and Full Tilt, after which both companies refunded their customers.  PokerStars says these kind of asset seizures have always involved payment processors that were acting in a non-transparent manner and hiding information from the company. The feds got a new tool in this battle when a 2006 law that targets online gaming payment processors came into full effect last year.

But no law enforcement or legislative effort has put a dent in the demand for online poker play in the U.S. that involves financial bets. State lawmakers in places like New Jersey have recently promoted regulated online poker play within their state borders, drooling over potentially rich tax revenues. Now Steve Wynn has upped the ante.


I don’t think I ever considered just how disgusting the poker table can be.  I did, however, witness something a few nights ago that made me contemplate the very close quarters at the table and the very easy transfer of grossness from one person to another.

An older gentleman was involved in a hand.  It had become clear that although the man was very kind, he was also quite uninhibited, particularly regarding his phloemy cough.  He also seemed to have poor eyesight, as he always brought the cards up to his face to see his hand.  You can see where this is going… Before making a decision about his play, he brought his cards to his face, and proceeded to cough right into them.  Then he folded.

That’s gross.  There’s a good chance I held those very cards in my hands moments later.  The automatic shuffler should also act as a card-washing machine.  Poker players are not exactly notorious for health and cleanliness, putting in twenty-hour sessions without a shower, new shirt or single vegetable…





Diamond Jo Special Events

April 1 / 7 PM:  $140 Step 3 Qualifying Tournament (1 in 10 players win a seat to the $1,100 MSPT Main Event on April 9)

April 2 / 11 AM:  $115 1st Saturday Tournament (Start with 6,000 in chips, $10 staff bonus for an additional 2,000 chips)


$50 buy-in / 4,000  chips, $5 staff bonus / 2,000 chips

Lose with the selected hand of the tournament and receive part of the house-funded Bad Beat


$60 buy-in / 4,000  chips, $5 staff bonus / 2,000 chips

Final two players from every table make the money


$35 single re-buy tournament

$20 re-buy can be used anytime

Short- and Shorter-Handed

I was playing 8-16 late one night, and our table had become short-handed.  There were only five of us.  Typically I enjoy playing short, as I feel I do a good job making the necessary adjustments for a smaller game, and that my opponents generally do not.  Aggression becomes all the more vital at a short-handed table, as there will be fewer players in each pot and fewer monster hands to contend with.  Raising pre-flop and continuation-betting to win the small pots is a very profitable strategy.  Passive players get run-over at the short-handed games.

During this session, however, I was universally bricking.  I would raise with A-8 of clubs and the flop would be K-Q-3, all red.  I would raise with K-Q and the flop would be A-7-4.  I would three-bet with 7-7 and the flop would be K-Q-J.  And, of course, my opponent had an unfoldable piece of the board every time.  It was becoming excrutiating!  To add vexation to my vexation, one fortunate soul was winning every single pot we played.  We must’ve gotten heads-up eight times in forty-five minutes.  He won all eight pots.  This statistic is frustrating in itself, but the man seemed to be altogether oblivious to his incredible fortune.  There’s something particularly irritating about a man who, against all probability, wins 85% of the pots and yet doesn’t appear satisfied, appreciative, or at minimum, aware.  He’s focused on the 15% of pots he’s losing. Hey, bro, I haven’t won one of the last twenty-eight pots!

We continued playing five-handed with similar results until something peculiar happened: all four of my opponents got up from the table at the same time.  They made some vague allusion to a five-minute break as they all walked away at once.  I was left alone at the table.  It was so strange!  I realize that if I had been winning, and as a result, in a better mood, this wouldn’t have irritated me as much.  Because, however, it was 1am the night before I worked, I was icy-cold, stuck a rack, and losing to a sociopathic luckbox, I was very annoyed.  I sat there awkwardly alone for ten minutes before one of the four players returned.  And of course, he didn’t want to play heads-up.  I just racked up and went home.

I wonder, though, what the responsibility of the casino is in this scenario.  There is a third-man walking rule, of course, which is intended to keep enough players in the game to maintain cards in the air.  But once all players have ignored this rule and left the table, what can be done?  Furthermore, when one player returns and I’m ready to play, does this player now have the right to say he doesn’t want to?  If there is one player at an open table ready to play, and there are seated players unwilling to play, does the game break?  Am I allowed to move to another game?  Maybe a game with seven or eight players?  I don’t know these rules, as I’ve never confronted this situation before.  Does anybody have any insight?



Bar League Standings

Minnesota Poker League  
Sin City Showdown Winter Session Leaders as of 3/22/11 
 Player Points
1David Wilts 3,403
2Terri Fulton 2,375
3John Rottman 2,143
4Rick Stafki 2,075
5Jennifer Wilson 1,964
6Jolene Hasselfeldt 1,911
7Peter Konig 1,852
8Mark Bubbers 1,790
9Joel Smith 1,665
10Jeremy Porter 1,651
Chippy Poker League  
2011 Season 1 standings as of 3/22/11  
 Player Points
1Nick Janowiec 451
2Michael O’Kelly 430
3Cathy Olin 329
4Jim Reynolds 323
5Jerry Scharlemann 308
6Josh “Jay Jay Schneder 296
7Troy Andren 288
8Derek Hellerstedt 273
9Kory Schmidt 272
10Shelly Peterson 266
WPT – Amateur Poker League  
Southern MN 2011 Regional Leaderboard as of 3/22/11 
 Player Points
1Bob Watson 3,293
2Rachel Korkki 2,675
3Timothy Smith 2,588
4Steven Banker 2,427
5Laurel Bahn 2,426
6Jill Banker 2,405
7Al Dougherty 2,377
8Anthony Lorinser 1,927
9James Zumwalt 1,803
10Tom Lacrosse 1,772
Straight Flush Poker Tour  
Spring Sprint 2011 Leaders as of 3/22/11  
1Ivan Sisto31,497
2Mike Beberg11,033
3Terri Loud1957
4Dave Fadness3864
5Michelle Schmidt796
6Marvin Keen 1742
7John Taft1682
8Bill Rohland1595
9David Taddiken576
10Robin White543
Little Poker League  
Season: 17 “Harley SuperLow-2” as of 3/22/11  
1Jim White1390
2Paul Ortega1385
3Vern Tangen3385
4Jory Leister1380
5Howard Campbell1370
6Jason Shirk1360
7Brian Lueck360
8Mike Wang3355
9Michael Lindell1340
10Norm Feske1330

Reminder: Spring Poker Classic Started Wednesday

LOCATION: Running Aces Harness Park, Columbus, MN


Noon – Bounty Tournament

$100 Bounty + $100+$25

6 pm – Second Chance $100+$15


10:30 am  – Ante Tourney $50+$10

2 pm – Qualifier $220+$20

6 pm – Second Chance $100+$15


Noon – No Limit Tourney $500+$50

3 pm – Qualifier $220+$20

6 pm – Second Chance $100+$15


9:30 am – Turbo Tourney $50+$10

1 pm – Qualifier $220+$20

5 pm – Main Event $1,000+$100


Noon – Final Table

Jeremy Dresch wins HPT Shooting Star

8:00 PM Update:  In an unsurprising event, Jeremy Dresch captures his 3rd HPT title.  Dresch has made it a habit dominating HPT fields, this time pocketing $47K.  Congrats!

At last count yesterday evening 164 players entered the HPT at Shooting Star event.  They played down to the money last night which is the final 30.  They resume play this morning.  Notable players still in the hunt:  Jeremy Dresch (as usual), previous HPT Champion Matt Alexander and MSPT Champion Ray “StingRay” Bendijo. 

In 2010 the HPT made two stops at Shooting star.  In October Brandon Dosch from Fargo, ND out played a field of 143 players.  He took home 40K and a seat to the HPT Championship Open.   

In March Matt Alexander from Robbinsdale, MN was the main event champion.  Taking first place out of 172 players and cashing 48K.

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