David Mandt wins Spring Poker Classic Main Event

This last week for the first time Running Aces ran their Spring Poker Classic which consisted of a series of events from Wednesday thru Saturday and concluded with the $1,100, 2-day Main Event that began Saturday evening.

The Main Event drew 109 entrants (including rebuys).

On Sunday night the pot was eventually chopped 4-ways with your chip leader and winner being David Mandt.  This is Mandt’s first win in an $1,100 major  tournament though he has been in the mix and final tabled many times in large tourneys, including a recent MSPT Final Table in February, also at Running Aces.

Mandt also received the Running Aces Movado watch.  Congrats!!

MSPT – Running Aces Champion Jason Seitz was also seen deep again.  He finished 5th in the SPC Main Event for $8K and also won a Spring Poker Classic event earlier in the week. 

Spring Poker Classic, Running Aces – Main Event $1,100 buy-in
1David Mandt$29,604
2Marc Schulte$20,089
3Christopher Schrom$14,802
4Thomas Sharp$11,630
5Jason Seitz$8,458
6Toan Pham$6,344
7Tou Yang$5,287
8Kelly Fuller$4,229
9Daniel Stewart$3,172
10Gary Pihlstrom$2,115

10 Responses to “David Mandt wins Spring Poker Classic Main Event”

  1. Tazo Says:

    Not only did the Minnesota Poker community get to celebrate a poker champion but to reward a truly fine human champion as David Mandt is truly a person of integrity, grace, and kindness and represents the professionalism that our poker community needs in these times of challenge and opportunity…lol to all back there in the sunny country of great poker! Tazo from Oregon.

  2. Tom Sharp Says:

    Many Thanks to the Great Staff at Running Aces, Super well run event and top shelf staff. To the other Final three it was a pleasure. Everett and Jason you both lost with class to some really tough beats, my hat is off to both of you and the other top 20. Jim Beams on me…..

  3. Chris Schrom Says:

    Congratulations are in order to the other three winners on a great finish. Hats off to Running Aces and their staff for putting on a terrific tournament. The deepstack structure was as good as it gets for the buyin, allowing for lots of play. Tom, if it’s alright with you, make it a Crown Royal.

    Chris Schrom

  4. Tim Austin Says:

    Congratulations David on your win at the Spring Poker Classic. We were all sure that when you did not show for our Sunday afternoon tourney that you were making a deep run at Running Aces.GREAT JOB!!!….Tim from Mille Lacs

  5. Matt Hyland Says:

    Great job Dave! Once again we see you on a big tourney final table and it is great to see you come out on top. Everyone at RRPL were pulling for you as well. Also a job well done goes out to running aces and everyone else that made a deep run. It was a couple long hard days in a good structured tournament. (I did make it past the have way point in day one).

  6. Bryan Mileski Says:

    Congrats Dave!

  7. 2-Putts Says:

    Congrats to all. Yes, Running Aces has great staffing, friendly dealers, and of course Nessa is a great tourney director with smiles.

    I did make it little bit past mid-night on the first day and got maimed by a bingo player preflop.

    I’ll be back!

    2Putts 🙂

  8. Matt Hyland Says:

    Oops. I meant to say I did not make it very far in day one. I did however get to play with some very nice people. Congrats again Dave. Sorry about your luck 2putts I’m sure you will make a deep run in one of your next tourneys.

  9. 2Putts Says:

    Thanks, Matt. You’re one of the best poker player in town, man and was hoping to play heads-up with you at this SPPC for sure but didn’t crop up. LOL.
    Yes, it was a great tectonic tourney plus some noble players all around. I did enjoy playing at SPPC though.

    Optimistically, I’ll be up there with “BIG DOGS” like you guys someday, Matt.

    Later my friend..!

    ‘Putts 🙂

  10. Lou Choi Says:

    Hey, ‘Putts I was rooting for you, man. I was at your table that night and I totally CAN NOT believe that player’d called you with his Q-10std then hit that flop in that DEEP stages.

    You’ve class, Buddy. LC (From Chicago)