Black Friday…again? Canterbury and Running Aces closing doors

Sat, 6:00 PM Update:  Unfortunately the court challenge was denied today which means Canterbury and Running Aces will remain closed for now.  They will be taking additional action this week in an effort to get re-opened as soon as possible.

Fri, 2:15 PM Update:  No news yet regarding this morning’s court hearing.  They are still waiting on a Judge’s ruling.  Racing has been cancelled this evening. 

10:30 PM Update:  I’m reporting live here from Canterbury Park where the place is beyond packed!  I’ve been coming here semi-regularly for many years – its the closest card room to my home – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like this…and its Thursday.  The thousands here don’t seem to be phased by the fact that 1.5 hours from now, 12:01 AM Friday, Canterbury Park and Running Aces will be forced to close their doors due to the State’s budget impasse.  This just two months after poker players were forced to give up their rights to play online on what was dubbed “Black Friday”.

If you think this sounds absurd, you are correct.  You may ask…but Canterbury and Running Aces are privately owned, how could a state shutdown affect them?  Great question.  Canterbury and Aces are governed by the Minnesota Racing Commission (MRC).  The basic task of the MRC is to make sure the two businesses are following the laws. 

The state is classifying the MRC during this shutdown as unnecessary forcing them to close despite the fact that the MRC is 100% funded by the two racetrack/card rooms.  Without the MRC to govern the two businesses, they are being forced to shut down as well.

There are a total of 10 MRC employees between Canterbury and Running Aces.  There are 3,500 other people employed by Canterbury and Running Aces that now lose their jobs because the state has decided to shut down the MRC.  Make sense?  Exactly.  Not to mention these two businesses pay taxes.  So all the lost revenue by these two facilities will affect the bottom line to the state which is, oddly enough (sarcasm), having budget issues.  And this couldn’t have happened at a worse time, the 4th of July weekend is always the biggest live racing and revenue weekend of the year that will be impossible for these businesses to make up. 

Both facilities have asked for an injunction allowing them to continue operations.  The case was quickly passed to the MN Supreme Court.  The word here at Canterbury is that there is a special meeting at 9:00 AM Friday to try to get this rectified.

15 Responses to “Black Friday…again? Canterbury and Running Aces closing doors”

  1. Brian B Says:

    Where will we be able to play around Minnesota?

  2. Jason Seitz Says:

    I might have a answer that ? Call me 952-201-9432

  3. Erik Says:

    Our politicians are beyond embarrassing. I will not be voting for any of the incumbents from my area come next election time.

    With the card rooms closing and actually costing the state money by being closed, how about the lottery? How many millions of dollars does that generate for the state each year? And that is closed now too?

  4. Brandon M Says:

    I’m sure Turtle Lake will be packed tonight

  5. Matt Dude Says:

    i know i will be going to TL. Aces was sick busy last night too. Durk a durrr! Ha

  6. Sonny Boy Says:

    native run casinos have tournys running all week long. You want action that’s the only choice you have for now. =)

  7. Brian B Says:

    Is there a link you can post or list of the open casinos in MN with a poker room? Any deep stack tourneys?

  8. Bryan Mileski Says:

    Yes, there are many great card rooms in the state. Obviously we recommend our partners Treasure Island & Diamond Jo on the south side and Northern Lights on the north side.

    MNPokerMag’s Jocelyn will be at Northern Lights this weekend.

  9. Randy Moder Says:

    I doubt that keeping the horse tracks and card rooms open will become a priority for the retired judge reviewing the motions for injunctions given that food shelves and other more important services are needed. Also don’t forget Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Hinckley have Saturday tourneys. I know that Hinckley has a $125 tourney on Saturday at 6 P.M. with 13,000 starting chips.

  10. MattMN Says:

    Yeah, much more important things like the MInnesota Zoo. The thing is that the arguments to keep both the MN Zoo and the tracks open were very similar. I wish she wasn’t retiring so we could have the pleasure of voting her out. Thanks Governor Dayton – your childishness is causing real issues for the state. I hope the tracks will get through this intact.

  11. slick Says:

    Shooting star has tourneys tuesday friday Saturday an sunday a bounty…cash games all week long. Canceled my monthly trip to canterburry.

  12. Rich Edinger Says:

    The shutdown really sucks. I was planning to go a Twins next weekend and play some cash games @ Canterbury. But it looks that I will only be going to the game. I would have thought that the shutdown would only last a few days. But it is going into its second week. And with the governor not take his meds, who knows–maybe the Twin Cities Open is in jeopardy.

  13. Matt Dude Says:

    another week with a good excuse to drive to Diamond Jo

  14. Rich Edinger Says:

    I was just joking about not having the Twin Cities Open. But I read this in the Star Tribune today: “I don’t see a quick conclusion,” said Rep. Larry Howes, R-Walker. “If this thing goes to the State Fair, it will probably go to January. That’s my gut.”

  15. Rich Edinger Says:

    Running Aces’ website is now down.