Shawn Douglas wins MPC Main Event

149 players and re-entries participated in the $1,000+$100+$10 Midwest Poker Classic Main Event at Running Aces Harness Park in Columbus, MN.  Shawn Douglas and David Bashel were the last two standing. The two players split the cash, taking home $32K each, but Douglas outlasted Bashel heads up to earn the MPC title and the championship watch.  Final Results:

1Shawn DouglasFridley$41,150
2David BashelBrooklyn Park$23,015
3Marinela SelsethMaple Grove$17,035
4John MarloweSt. Paul$12,725
5Michael RobertSedoria, AZ$11,155
6Ryan HartmannMinneapolis$8,115
7Joe MathesonAndover$6,750
8David GoniaWhite Bear Lake$5,289
9Neng VangBrooklyn Park$3,719
10Tony HartmannShakoppe$2,205
11John ReadingRochester$2,205
12Richard DavidsonOntario$2,205
13Chris SchromMinneapolis$2,205
14Joe BarnardSt. Paul$2,205
15John LutgenWaite Park$2,205

1:00 AM Update:  Shawn Douglas and David Bashel are currently heads up playing for the title and the watch.  They have agreed to a straight split chop on the money, roughly $32K each.

3rd Marinela Selseth $17,035

12:00am update:

4th John Marlowe $12,725

5th Michael Robert $11,155

6th Ryan Hartmann $8,115

7th Joe Matheson $6,750

10:40pm update: Marinela Selseth just doubled up to 1million with pocket K’s Vs. A10. 7 players still in the hunt for 41K.

8th David Gonia $5,289

10:10pm update: Neng Vang just busted. He entered day 2 as the chip leader. Shawn Douglas is the new chip leader right with 2.3 million. 8 players remain.

9th Neng Vang $3,719

9:50pm update:

Down to 9 players. On level 20, Blinds15K/20K with a 4K ante.

10th Tony Hartmann $2,205

11th John Reading $2,205

9:00pm update: 11 players remain. Currently on level 19, 12K/24K with a 3K ante.

Chip counts:
Michael Robert -520K
Shawn Douglas -609K
Joe Matheson -370K
David Gonia -317K
Ryan Hartmann -195K
John Marlowe -588K
Marinela Selseth -600K
Tony Hartmann -167K
John Reading -136k
David Bashel -790K
Neng Vang -212K

7:55pm update:
Playing hand for hand.

12th Richard Davidson $2,205

7:20pm update:

13th Chris Schrom $2,205

7:00pm update: 13 players remain. Currently on level 17, blinds 8000/16000

14th Joseph Barnard $2,205

15th John Lutgen $2,205

6:30pm update:
Current Chip Counts

Table 1

1) Joe Matheson 426K

2) Marinela Selseth 130K

3) Ryan Hartmann 136K

4) Joseph Barnard 272K

5) John Lutgen 75K

6) Chris Schrom 87K

7) Richard Davidson 136K

8) David Bashel 489K

Table 2

2) Michael Robert 644K

3) John Marlowe 277K

4) David Gonia 682K

5) John Reading 330K

6) Neng Vang 292K

7) Shawn Douglas 119K

8) Tony Hartmann 391K

4:00 update: Down to 20 player at Running Aces MPC main event. Several notable players still in the field. Currently on level 14.

2:00pm update: 26 players remain. Blinds at 3000/6000 with the average stack at $171,923.

12:00pm update: Day 2 of the MPC started with 46 players. There was a total of 149 entries.

Prize pool

1) $41,150
2) $23,015
3) $17,035
4) $12,725
5) $11,155
6) $8,115
7) $6,750
8) $5,289
9) $3,719
10) $2,205
11) $2,205
12) $2,205
13) $2,205
14) $2,205
15) $2,205

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  1. Thomas Sharp Says:

    Chris, outstanding run Congrates on your 13th place.