Nate Fair wins FPC Event #6, $11,787

Nate Fair of Plymouth is having a fantastic year on the local tournament scene.  Just a couple weeks ago Fair finished 3rd at the MSPT Treasure Island for $13,357.  He also finished 2nd at the MSPT Diamond Jo in April for $14,987.  The win in FPC Event #6 last night earned him another $11,787!

Event #6 was a $200+$30 buy-in NLHE tournament that drew 244 entrants.  This win for Fair has also catapulted him to the top of the MNPokerMag Player of the Year race overtaking John Alexander and 3 Putts who were tied for the lead.

1Nate Fair$11,787
2Jesse Knobloch$6,627
3Tom Ellingson$4,734
4Judd Greenagel$3,550
5Joe Meehan$3,077
6Ben Baccam$2,603
7Todd Winkler$2,130
8Sara Allgood$1,657
9Richard Scoville$1,207
10Brian Kowalski$947
11Cameron Luitjens$710
12Sam Ellis$710
13Jason Seitz$592
14Derek Palmer$592
15Alex Johnson$592
16Cristian Schumacher$473
17Robert Cassioppi$473
18Robert Vansyckle$473
19Kevin Conlin$426
21Greg Sanford$379
22Ben Regner$379
23Jeff Bergerson$379
24Daniel Buckley$379
25Chad Pierce$379
26David Andersen$331
27Rebecca Messenger$331
28Ryan Hohenstein$331
29Burton Joseph$331
30Mike Schneider$331


2 Responses to “Nate Fair wins FPC Event #6, $11,787”

  1. Jocelyn Bendijo Says:

    Great job Nate!

  2. Ben Marsh Says:

    Congrats Nate!