Alex Johnson wins $500 Hallow-Scream Tournament

Players began the Hallow-Scream tournament at noon Saturday and Alex Johnson wrapped it up just before 3 AM Sunday morning.  126 entries/re-entries entered the $450+$50 tournament to earn their share of the $50K+ prize pool.

Johnson steam-rolled through the final table until 3-players remained.  In an instant Johnson went from clear chip leader to short stack after encountering some bad luck in a big pot versus a very accomplished poker pro “Minneapolis” Jim Meehan.  Johnson would rebound though and came back to win the $15,400 1st place prize.

1Alex Johnson$15,400
2Leo Fussy$9,900
3Jim Meehan$7,150
4Richard Stoeckmann$4,400
5Matt Alexander$3,300
6Don Close$2,750
7Dennis Stevermer$2,200
8Brian Zupancich$1,925
9Kelly Kellner$1,650
10Judd Greenagel$824

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