MSPT draws 147 opening night at Canterbury

The first qualifier for the MSPT at Canterbury Park drew 147 entrants on Wednesday night, making it the largest opening day in the young history of the MSPT.  As a result, 29 players earned their $1,100 seat to this weekend’s Main Event.

There is another qualifier this evening at 6:30pm.  The largest Thursday attendance to date occurred during the last event at Grand Casino Mille Lacs with a 111-player field.  Will that mark be in jeopardy this evening as well??

3 Responses to “MSPT draws 147 opening night at Canterbury”

  1. Mike Wilmes Says:

    This satellite was advertised as $220 + 30 but then right before it starts they ask everyone if you want to buy 2k more in chips to get to 12k chips for $10. This money doesn’t go into the prize pool. So everyone is now playing a $220 + 40 satty. This practice of misinformation is terrible. If you are going to charge rake you need to present it ahead of time. This is a really scummy move in mine and a lot of other players minds.

  2. Bryan Mileski Says:

    Hi Mike, it is listed on the site ( and it is listed on ALL the fliers on location so there was no deception. And the $10 is optional. Also, the $10 does not go to the house and it does not go to the MSPT, 100% of it goes to dealers since dealers do not get tipped in a qualifier as there are no cash payouts, only seats awarded. They need to make a living too 🙂 Pretty standard practice if you check around.

    There is no add-on in the Main Event since 3% of the prize pool is allocated as dealer tokes and there are cash payouts.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time.


  3. Mike Wilmes Says:

    Thanks for the response,
    That makes a lot of sense, thanks for organizing everything!
    I’ll stop complaining now 🙂