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Federate Sports & Gaming Files for Bankruptcy (Epic Poker Tour & HPT)

Federated Sports and Gaming, who owns and operates the Epic Poker Tour and the Heartland Poker Tour, files for Bankruptcy.  (more…)

Bar League Standings


BLUFF Tournament Tracker

The tournament schedule is going at breakneck speed these days with major events in Brazil, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Las Vegas, New York, and Minnesota.  It doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing either.  So let’s take a moment to catch up with who has been winning, who has been cashing, and what has been happening in live events around the world in this edition of Tournament Tracker.  READ MORE…

Boban Jeftic wins Canterbury $500 FAT STAX

Canterbury Park held a $500+$50 FAT STAX tournament Saturday that drew 93 entrants, Boban Jeftic conquered the field to earn $13,020. (more…)

Red Hot: Criego playing Head’s Up for Circuit Ring

3:20PM Update: Unfortunately Criego fell just short for his 1st circuit ring for the 2nd time in just a couple week span.  Criego had a 2-1 chip lead at one point heads-up but wasn’t able to finish it off.  Criego’s runner-up finish earned him another $25,112!  Congrats to Bill for earning over $90K this month.  Criego has also earned a high amount of WSOP Circuit points which puts him in great position to qualify for their $1 Million free roll.

2:45PM Update:  Bill Criego is currently playing heads up in the WSOP Circuit event at Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida attempting to earn his 1st circuit ring.  Criego just took 4th a couple weeks back in the Caesers Palace WSOP circuit Main Event for $66K.


BLUFF MSPT getting a little Love on ESPN Poker

Check out Andrew Feldman’s blog today on ESPN Poker, he gives the BLUFF MSPT and Rodger Johnson’s win a mention in the “Small Blinds” section.  ARTICLE HERE


Spring Poker Classic

Running Aces Harness Park in Columbus, MN has released their Spring Poker Classic schedule.  The series of events will take place Thursday, April 12 – Sunday, April 22.  It definitely looks new and improved this season! (more…)


Being a normal person can be burdensome.  I realize that’s an odd sentence with which to begin a poker blog, but I often believe it to be true.  It relates to poker, I believe, in the same way it relates to life in general: There is nothing more frustrating than holding yourself to a high standard of human behavior while being rewarded, in return, with sociopathic behavior.

For example, my recent poker session went terribly wrong.  For the first hour, every hand I had went down in flames.  I needn’t recount the details of these hands, as we’ve all been there: missed draws, big pairs losing, and huge hands being crushed by huger hands.  Every river was a disaster.  Not once during this messy stretch, however, did I open my mouth.  I quietly brooded, rolled my eyes, and sighed a lot.  But I never once said a single derogatory word to an opponent.  So, finally, two hours into the session I picked up A-K and bet aggressively the entire way.  I was heads-up in position (against an opponent, mind you, who’d already rivered me three times), driving action and getting called on every street.  Long story short, my opponent’s flopped pair lost to the Ace I hit on the river.  I scooped my first legitimate pot with a card I got “lucky” to hit.  Does my opponent repay my quiet brooding with humility and grace?  Shit no.  He starts in on the bitching and whining: “I knew you didn’t have anything!  Holy crap, what a lucky river!  I can’t believe you got there.  What were you thinking?  You thought I had nothing?  God, some people.”

So, not only do these people fail to act in the same civilized manner with which you’ve conducted yourself, but they fail to recognize the perfect parallel of having done exactly the same thing to you less than seven minutes ago.  There is so little self-awareness in [insert any place: poker rooms, work, mall, life].  It truly fascinates me, the psychological games of which human-beings are capable.  If I two-out you, I’m a piece of shit.  If you two-out me, hey, that’s just poker.  We all have a single narrative in our head, I believe, of personal victimization.  When you two-out somebody, it’s simply the world correcting itself for all the two-outers you’ve taken in your life.  Your mind won’t allow recognition of the fact that the other person has been two-outed just as many times as you have.  Maybe more.  If you allow for differing perspectives, you can’t justifiably continue to bitch about every pot you’ve ever lost.

Also, I’d like to be clear.  I’m no saint.  I can be a douchebag too.  But more often than not, I don’t say anything to anybody.  I quietly steam.  As such, it becomes difficult to take a verbal lashing at the lucky river you received, when you failed to open your mouth about the previous nine lucky rivers your opponent received.  I feel abused.  I sometimes feel like I should fight back and defend myself with a very factual, “Hey, you rivered me three times in the last hour, and I didn’t so much as open my mouth.”  But I don’t.  I’m not wired that way.  I just sit there like a dork, allowing my opponent to unleash all his frustration on me, acting as the quiet table abuse-taker.

Wanna’ buy my book?  You should.  It’s full of bitching and complaining just like this!

Twitter:  JayMindPoker

Poker with the MN Stars

Play poker with players from Minnesota Stars FC for a chance to win cash and prizes.  Running Aces Harness Park will be hosting the $65 NLHE tournament on Thursday, March 1 at 6:30PM. 

The Minnesota Stars FC are Minnesota’s only professional soccer team playing out of the National Sports Complex in Blaine.  Last year they won the North American Soccer League Championship and are hoping to successfully defend the title this year.  (more…)

Player of the Year Update

With his 2nd place finish in the BLUFF Mid-States Poker Tour at Running Aces, Erick Wright takes over the top spot in the MNPokerMag Player of the Year race.  That was Wright’s 4th POY cash already this year.  Leo Fussy holds down the 2nd spot, he’s off to a solid start as well.  Greg Rahn leads the state with 5 POY cashes.  (more…)

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