BLUFF MSPT @ Running Aces Main Event Day 1A Results & Gallery

1:30AM Update: Day 1A is a wrap. 127 players started the day, 42 survived. Tony Swanson leads the pack with 191,400. Kou Vang – Champ of the last MSPT event at Canterbury for $65K – is 3rd in chips with 146,700. The only female to survive Day 1A is MNPokerMag’s Jocelyn Bendijo with 47,400. 
Day 1B has 55 players already qualified with another qualifier at 10:30AM Saturday morning. Day 1B begins at 5:00PM Saturday evening. Here are Day 1A final chip counts:
NameChip Count
Tony Swanson191,400
Tracy Blackwell161,900
Kou Vang146,700
Chris Keller128,300
Mitch Ackerman104,800
Derek Knisley96,600
Chris Wallace95,800
Steve Johnson Jr.91,000
Matt Leshovsky89,000
William Records87,100
Hank Mlekody85,100
Richard Davidson77,600
Jesse Balsimo77,200
John Farrell69,800
John Marlowe68,600
Dan Favreau56,100
Joe Barnard53,200
Robby Westrom53,000
Nathan Reich50,100
Adam Laskey50,000
Todd Melander48,200
Jocelyn Bendijo47,400
Peter Basting45,200
Kurt Freese43,400
Matt Alexander43,100
Tom Stambaugh41,400
Reg Powell39,200
Jeff Petronack38,000
Dave Westrum37,900
Ron Spain35,300
Chris Clasen33,500
Leroy Martin33,000
Nate Kirton31,900
Derek Crooks31,000
Greg Huset29,500
Greg Rahn28,900
Greg Anda26,500
Yer Vang25,700
Brian Zupancich25,200
James Godfrey23,300
Darrell Windingstad9,600
Bruce Widmer1,900

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