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BLUFF MSPT Meskwaki Day 1A Update

Day 1A of the BLUFF MSPT at Meskwaki Casino in Tama, IA is in the books. The Event Center was PACKED all evening with the Main Event, sng satellites and high-action cash games that at one point drew a 40-player wait list on multiple games.  (more…)

How Stupid Are You?

I witnessed a hand today at the poker table that really confused me.  It unfolded as follows:  Action was heads-up between two seemingly reasonable players.  Player-1 had 55 and Player-2 had KJ.  The flop was 1057.  Player-1 bet his set and Player-2 called with his heart-draw.  The turn was the 8, and the same action took place.  The river was the 9.  Player-1 once again bet his set.  Player-2 turned his cards face up (into the muck) and said, “I missed.”  Everybody looked at each other confusedly as the pot was slowly pushed toward Player-1.  Of course, it didn’t take long for somebody to say, “Hey, dude, you had a straight.”  His response was a predictable, “I did?  No.  Really?  Oh, shit!”  He was so focused on the flush draw that he completely missed the fact that he hit a winning straight.

“You’re a dumbass,” was, of course, my initial reaction.  But ultimately, it was just a stupid mistake.  It happens.  I’m certainly not immune from being a dumbass.  In fact, witnessing that hand made me recount one of the really stupid things I did at the poker table.  During a recently frustrating session, the following dumbass hand occurred.  I’d been playing for three hours and had won only one pot.  It was one of those days.  During this hand, I was in the small-blind with AK.  I raised pre-flop after three people limped.  The big-blind and the rest of the limpers called, and we saw the flop five-handed.  The flop was Q93.  I bet my nut flush-draw, the big-blind folded as did one limper, and another limper raised me.  The guy on the button called two-bets cold.  I, too, called.  The turn was the 4.  I checked,  the next player bet, and he was all-in.  The guy on the button then raised him.  The pot was big enough for me to call with the nut flush-draw, even an ugly two bets cold, so I did.  The river was the 4.  I had missed everything.  I was irritated and pissed off that I had missed yet another hand, and being as our river betting was heads-up, I just threw my cards right in the muck without even allowing action to occur.  Well, the side-pot was won by the guy on the button with K10, and he also managed to scoop the main pot with king-high when the all-in guy turned over J10.  I felt like such a petulant dipshit.

What’s your stupidest poker mistake?

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BLUFF MSPT $300K Guaranteed Main Event Starts Friday

The BLUFF Mid-States Poker Tour at Meskwaki Casino in Tama, Iowa is currently taking place March 24 – April 1. Everyone knows by now that this is one of the best values in the Midwest! The Main Event boasts a $300,000 Guaranteed prize pool for only a $1,000+$100 buy-in.

It is anticipated that this event will be the largest field for a major tournament in Iowa history.

Day 1A of the Main Event will begin Friday, March 29.  Day 1B will be played Saturday, March 30.  Players who advance through each flight will be combined for Day 2 on Sunday, April 1.  If a player busts out of Day 1A, they are allowed to enter Day 1B. 

$60 & $90 single table satellites to earn $250 qualifier seats will run all week on demand. The $250 multi-table qualifiers (top 20% advance) kick in starting Wednesday, March 28 and are running daily through Saturday morning, March 30.

Player of the Year Update

We will complete the 1st quarter of the season with Erick Wright on top of the POY standings.  Several players have been having great years so far so we expect the POY race to be a great one in 2012.  Here are the up-to-date standings: (more…)

Tuesday Night at Meskwaki

Tonight at Meskwaki: NL Monster Stack Tournament – $15 buy-in, $5 entry fee, $10 re-buys, $10 add-on.  ALSO, $60 & $90 BLUFF MSPT satellites running on demand today at Meskwaki as well as the popular Omaha and No-Limit cash games

Ben Marsh Has Big Day Online

Ben Marsh of Duluth, MN dominated online poker on a daily basis prior to Black Friday one year ago.  Many know him from his old screen name “OhScissorMe”.  (more…)

Kevin Pender wins March FAT STAX

Canterbury Park again held their FAT STAX tourney on Saturday, March 24.  77 players entered the $500+$50 buy-in event and Kevin Pender earned the largest piece of the $38,500 prize pool, winning $10,780.  (more…)

Source: Laurent Tapie Moved to Dublin, Acquisition a “Done Deal”

By: DanPublished on Mar 25th, 2012 –

According to a source close to PocketFives, Group Bernard Tapie executive Laurent Tapie (pictured), who is overseeing the much-anticipated acquisition of Full Tilt Poker, has moved to Dublin, Ireland. The significance? (more…)

PocketFives Live Poker Tournament Preview: April

By: FoxPublished on Mar 23rd, 2012

Welcome to the inaugural PocketFives Tournament Preview presented by Every month, we’ll be previewing live events and discussing the upcoming month in tournament poker. We’ll cover the best values, most unique events, and options for the traveling tournament pro. If there is any event you would like to see included in future months, let us know at…)

MSPT Meskwaki Qualifiers Start Tomorrow

The Mid-States Poker Tour will be invading Meskwaki Casino in Tama, Iowa for the first time March 24 – April 1.  Everyone knows by now that this is one of the best values in the Midwest!  The Main Event boasts a $300,000 prize pool for only a $1,000+$100 buy-in.  (more…)

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