Player of the Year Update

With so many of the players on the top of the MNPokerMag Player of the Year Leaderboard in Vegas for the WSOP, things felt pretty quiet.  Lately though, several players have been cashing in frequent fashion.  John Alexander – a staple on the POY leaderboard – has cashed several times over the last couple weeks including a win in the Canterbury Saturday $180 lifting him to 8th overall.   

Lee Surma has cashed multiple times as of late as well, he’s now 6th in the state.

Peixin Liu is back to his 2011 ways where he led the state in total number of POY cashes, he’s now up to 12 this season. 

RankPlayerPOY Points# of POY Cashes
1Erick Wright231.516
2Sam Hanson134.54
3Leo Fussy130.56
4Hank Mlekoday1206
5Kou Vang1166
6Lee Surma106.58
7Ryan Hartmann1053
 Greg Rahn10512
8John Alexander9911
9Tom Westbrock942
10Robby Westrom912
11Rodger Johnson901
12Boban Jeftic877
13Matt Alexander86.57
 Dan Hendrickson86.56
14Elias Monette851
15Tony Swanson832
16Jeff Grobe77.52
17Durwin Matuska7710
18Dave Westrum751
19Renee Kessel713
20Paul Schroeder693
21Chris Clasen67.51
22Dan Favreau66.59
23Todd Breyfogle662
24Chad Felix651
25Brenden Sandy62.51
 Mike Wylmes62.52
26Derek Crooks626
27Alan Carty61.55
28Josh Oien601
29Rob Steinmetz59.52
30Steve Buie596
 Reg Powell593
31Blake Bohn585
32Nate Fair577
33Joe Konstan56.56
34LeRoy Martin565
35Kevin Reichel551
36Peixen Liu5112
37Greg Huset494
38Dan Kraft47.51
39Matt Kirby451
40Ed Janezich44.54
41Michael Iverson432
42Shane Coen42.51
 Mark Sandness42.51
43Aaron Johnson41.55
44Richard Cockrell401
 Gerrit Wierbos401
45Denis Sremcevic39.54
 Shawn Aaberg39.56
46Kevin Knutson392
 Adam Dahlin392
 John Lutgen394
47Matt Leshovsky38.53
 Matt Lenz38.53
48John Hayes382
49Adam Zych37.51
 Todd Innes 37.51
 Brian Friesen37.51
 Eswaramoorthy Kaliappan37.51
50Curtis Larson36.53
 Robert Vansyckle36.54
51Marie Jennings366
52David Marlow35.53
53Keelan Deuth351
 Chris Keller351
54William Records34.52
 Kyle Gruis34.52
 Jason Sirek34.53
55Scott Bullock33.54
56Jeff Henkel333
 Andy Redleaf333
57Brian Koskey32.51
 Chris Noroski32.51
58Joe Osterbauer31.53
59Tom Marsland313
 Tim Votava315
 Burke Veazey315
60Mark Powers301
 David Margulies303
61Jason Hartwig29.53
62Dale Franke295
63John Karos28.53
 Binh Nguyen28.52
64Randy Oyarzabal286
 Lisa Kittleson284
 Ray Dickerson284
65Mario Filippi27.51
 Ted Zalesiak27.54
 Bill Weber27.53
 Steve Johnson27.51
66Jeff Sjaaheim275
 Gary Drotts276
 David Ramirez278
 Dan Homan271
67Michael Fay251
 Cory Canaday253
 Ned Weizenegger251
 Brian Soja251
68Aaron Madison24.52
 Kurt Freese24.52
69Arnie Setzler243
 Jim Meehan242
 Todd Melander244
 Brandon Turk245
 Vladimir Revniaga243
70Tim O’Donovan23.54
 Ron Spain23.58
71Ryan Hohenstein234
 Larry Christensen236
72Erik Burton22.51
 John Olson22.52
 Russ Louwagie22.51
 Joe Matheson22.51
 Jeremy Ensrud22.51
73Kye Longtin224
 Neal Brick223
 Terry Glarner222
 Gary Pihlstrom225
74Dan Stewart21.53
 Dagoberto Oyarzabal21.52
75Ralph Ginter213
 Dan Campbell212
 Ray Monsoor214
 Scott Hendrickson214
 Tim Mieczkowski212
 Chris Schrom213

2 Responses to “Player of the Year Update”

  1. 2-Putts Says:

    Hi there Bryan,
    just checking in, is POY points included Running Aces points? Recently, I’ve crushed and burned some of the tournaments there and was wondering am I going to be part or added to the above “Big Dogs” list at all, brotha?? I think I should’ve atleast 60 points by now.


    2-Putts :)

  2. 2-Putts Says:

    That’s ok, I think I’ve an answer. Aces probably forgot to turn in the points sheet, I guessed.

    ‘Putts :)

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