Bohn & Condon chop TOC, $52,775 each

In the wee hours of the morning, the field of 77 entrants in the Tournament of Champions was dwindled to two.  

Blake Bohn and Alex Condon worked a chop, each earning a healthy pay day of $52,775 each.  Bohn with a slight chip lead was awarded the trophy.

Bohn rolled through Day 1 as chip leader, and continued through Day 2 to earn his 2nd title this year.  He also won the Spring Poker Classic at Running Aces in April for $31,424.  In 2011, Bohn had $144,717 in live tournament earnings.

Alex Condon of Sioux City, Iowa, placed 12th in the $5,300 Florida State Poker Championship in April for $14,570.  Condon had over $108K in live tournament earnings during 2011.

Photo Gallery

1Blake Bohn$52,775
2Alex Condon$52,775
3Justin Thurlow$19,257
4Ryan Hartmann$11,042
5John Hayes$8,963
6James Lawrence$7,021
7Jeff Ritenour$5,266
8Luke Bohnen$4,388
9Boban Jeftic$3,861
10Franco Cupello$3,510
11Ron Spain$3,335
12Kou Vang$3,335


One Response to “Bohn & Condon chop TOC, $52,775 each”

  1. Ben Says:

    Nice win Blake. Beast.