Eric VanGuilder Wins Mayhem

Eric VanGuilderThe Mayhem in May event at Running Aces Harness Park concluded this evening with a 6-way chop, Eric VanGuilder earned the largest share and the Mayhem trophy. 

The $235+$40 Mayhem event attracted 343 entrants over 4 flights, the top 36 got paid with a top prize at over $20K.  The final 6 players negotiated an ICM chop with VanGuilder getting the most at $11,752.  They would play out the tournament for the Mayhem trophy and VanGuilder would earn that as well.

MNPokerMag Player of the Year leader Christian Pham had been quiet as of late but recorded a 3rd place finish here for $8,115 and extended his POY lead.

Final Results:

1Eric Van Guilder$11,752
2Chad Tagtmeir$10,310
3Christian Pham$8,115
4Hunter Cichy$8,025
5Josh Rothstein$7,924
6Adam Zych$6,356
7Mark Sandness$2,425
8Sean Boesel$1,753
9Shelly Ahmed$1,268
10Steven Rouse$970
11Robert Brereton$970
12Nate Fair$970
13Pao Vang$783
14Brian Mikesh$783
15Joel Doering$783
16Matt Miarka$671
17Katherine Zumbrunnen$671
18Henry Korent$671
19Michael Reich$560
20Ryan Arnold$560
21David Gonia$560
22Erick Wright$560
23Hank Mlekoday$560
24Renee Kessel$560
25Bharathan Pulluvallil$560
26Alan Carty$560
27Bryan Mileski$560
28Patricia Clark$485
29Blake Warner$485
30Carmina Cavazos$485
31Mike Haluptzok$485
32Eric Eelkema$485
33Ryan Hartmann$485
34Jonathon Montag$485
35Burke Veazey$485
36Bob VanSyckle$485

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