Matt Alexander & Kou Vang Chop TOC

TOC ChampsThe $2,500 buy-in Tournament of Champions resumed play yesterday evening at 7PM for Day 3 with the final 9 of 83 entrants returning. 

The event and final table were littered with great players – it eventually came down to Matt Alexander and Kou Vang for the title.

Heads-up action was evenly matched – with 50BB each, both players had a lot of play.  Both players also were down to 1/4 of the chips and bounced back.  At nearly 3:00AM Tuesday morning, Alexander and Vang agreed to chop the money evenly – $50,846 each – and flip a coin best of 7 for the trophy.  Alexander would win flip series 4-2.

Congrats to Alexander & Vang!

1Matt Alexander$50,846
2Kou Vang$50,846
3Andy Redleaf$24,123
4Jeff Petronack$16,555
5Leo Fussy$12,771
6Rob WazWaz$9,933
7Rodger Johnson$8,514
8David Gonia$6,622
9Dennis Stevermer$4,730
10Thane Fliginger$4,257

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