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Aiming Anger

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Last night I played 8-16 limit hold’em.  The table was actually somewhat tough, aside from one player, a man who seemingly has a bottomless supply of money to support his terribly misguided gambling habit.  He plays yellow-chip games at Canterbury all the time; he’s comically loose, has only one gear of aggression (hyper-ultra-super-overdrive), and is repeatedly wrist-deep in his pocket rummaging for […]

Roy Cooke on Poker

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In a recent attempt to get some professional insight on the subject of limit hold’em, I reached out to Roy Cooke.  Roy Cooke is a professional poker player from Las Vegas who makes his living at the limit hold’em tables at Bellagio.  He also has a monthly strategy article published in Card Player magazine.  I […]

Top Five Misplayed Hands in Limit Hold’em

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Greetings, everybody! First of all, I’d like to say that I acknowledge my recent lack of blog-producing productivity.  My apologies.  Getting married, buying a home and beginning a new job has occupied large chunks of my time.  This has left me with little time for poker and even less time for writing.  I’d like, however, […]

Why Raise?

Raise it up

I sat down at my computer today with the intention of writing a new piece.  I had a specific topic in mind about which I wanted to discuss and as I mentally reviewed what I wanted to say, I realized that the transformation from my brain to a structured piece of writing was proving difficult. […]


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My emotions at the poker table fluctuate more by the caliber of surrounding human beings than by the draw of the cards.  I’m not necessarily proud of this personal characteristic, but it’s a truth nonetheless.  I don’t mind losing my money if I respect the person who’s taking it.  On the other hand, when the […]

Phil Hellmuth: An Exploration of Narcissism

  I like Phil Hellmuth.  I can say that with sincerity, as my relationship with him is one-sided; that is to say, I have no relationship with him whatsoever aside from watching his charades on television.  From the perspective of a viewer seeking entertainment, Phil Hellmuth is delightful.  Watching him at the poker table is […]

It Makes No Sense

There are some things that can beat smartness and foresight.  Awkwardness and stupidity can.  The best swordsman in the world doesn’t need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he […]

Actual Poker Thoughts 1.0

Being as I tend to focus my intellectual faculties on the social shortcomings of my poker-playing colleagues, I often feel unqualified to discuss poker from a strategic perspective.  I do, however, feel a certain responsibility for leading any local discourse on limit hold’em.  It’s difficult to find limit hold’em articles, despite the fact that Minnesota spreads exclusively limit hold’em […]

Me > Not-Me

I’m always trying, difficult as it often is, to understand the way nut-job people view the world.  The sociopathic poker players’ behavior, I’ve always said, is simply a microcosm for humanity at-large.  Everybody wants immediate gratification, personal success, and for everybody else to be on board with their singular mission of winning at whatever cost. […]


Since mid-July I’ve been on perhaps the coldest poker streak of my career.  It’s one of those streaks where every single little thing goes wrong, and nothing at all goes right.  I lost four sessions in a row, and that hasn’t happened since 2006.  Hopefully, now, I’m beginning to climb myself out of the miserable […]