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Staying a Step Ahead of Your Opponents

Chris Wallace

By Chris “Fox” Wallace – PokerUpdate.com Making money in a poker game isn’t necessarily about being better than every opponent in every situation. The dynamics just don’t work that way. You can beat a player who beats a player who beats you. The complexity of the game, and different styles and skill sets, allows for […]

Is it Time to Transition to a Real Poker Room?

Poker Entrance

Are you or someone you know looking to transition from your neighborhood home game or tavern league to a local, live, brick & mortar card room?  Its easier to do than you think. Some of the local regulars were asked what they would recommend to players looking to take the next step.  Here are some […]

What Would You Do?


What would you do?  Check out our hand analysis features on the MNPokerMag Facebook page and chime in with your comments. We’ll be posting hand scenarios on a regular basis from a situation that actually happened during a final table broadcast.  After 2 days of discussion, we will post the video to see what play […]

Beating Low Stakes Limit Hold’em

Adam Stemple

By Adam Stemple – About.com – June 13 One of my favorite things to do after getting busted out of a tournament is to win my buyin back. But since the tournaments are usually no-limit, the last thing I want to do is jump back into a no-limit game. So, I usually find a nice […]

Do you suck at poker?

Chris Wallace Profile Pic

June 11 – www.foxpoker.com – If you suck at poker, you need to buy my book.  

Grinder University Launches

Grinder University

Local pro Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace is part of recently launched Grinder University, a new poker training site that takes a very different approach to teaching the game we all love.

Poker Hand Of The Week — 1/24/13 — Matt Kirby

Matt Kirby 2

You Decide What’s the Best Play – By CardPlayer News Team – Jan. 24, 2013 – Here’s a hand Matt Kirby was involved with during the Final Table of the WSOP Circuit Choctaw event – Read more…  

How Realistic is it to Play Poker Full-Time?

By: John Douglas Published on Feb 4th, 2012 It’s not easy playing poker professionally. From a nocturnal lifestyle to the ebb and flow of your bankroll to the mental rigors of tough decisions, poker players experience the gamut of emotions on a daily basis.  

The Poker Ten — Hand Nicknames

by Card Player News Team  |  Published: Jan 17, 2012 – Poker hands have many names. Depending on who you ask, Ace-King can be called Big Slick, Anna Kournikova or, if you’re old enough, Walking Back To Houston. (Google it.)